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– Zeitungsartikel auf Romanisch vom 2013

Künstlerbiografie, Wien (2010)

Die Veranstalterin der Reihe „Wiener Klassik – Die Martha Gebauer-Reihe“, Magdalen Mary (Maggie) Pemberton, wurde 1954 in der Grafschaft Kent, Südengland, geboren. Früh erhielt sie Musik- und Tanzunterricht und besuchte verschiedene Privatschulen. Mit 17 trat sie als Sängerin und Tänzerin in einer Produktion der Operette „Die Fledermaus“ auf. 1973 ging sie an das Konservatorium „Royal College of Music“ (Stipendiat), wo sie drei Jahre vollzeit studierte und den akademischen Grad G.R.S.M. (Graduate of the Royal Schools of Music) erhielt. Ihr Studium umfaßte u.a. Musikgeschichte, Harmonielehre, Instrumentation, Generalbaßspiel, Kontrapunkt und Chordirigieren. Ihre Instrumentalfächer waren Orgel, Gesang und Geige. Ferner spielte sie Klavier, Harmonium, Klarinette, Blockflöte und Gitarre. 1976 gewann sie beim Beckenham Festival die „Mona Burden Cup“ für Gesang. 1977-1982 lebte sie in Oxford, 1982-1984 in Luzern, wo sie eine Ausbildung im Hotelfach machte. Seit 1984 lebt sie vorwiegend in München, wo sie als Ballettpianistin, Tänzerin, Buchhändlerin und Patentanwaltssekretärin tätig war und derzeit als freiberufliche Englischlehrerin, Übersetzerin und Kirchenorganistin arbeitet sowie Artikel, Gedichte und CD-Rezensionen auf Deutsch und Englisch schreibt und in PR und Künstlervermittlung tätig ist. 2009 trat sie im Rahmen eines Festivals im Technischen Museum, Wien, auf; sie spielte Werke von u.a. Albrechtsberger, Clementi, Steibelt, Schumann und Fux sowie den zeitgenössischen Komponisten Willscher und Becker auf historischen Hammerklavieren (Streicher und Graf) und historischen Orgeln (ein Barockpositiv und die „Bruckner“ Buckow-Orgel der Hofburgkapelle). Wien, ihr geliebtes zweites Zuhause, besucht sie seit 1976.

English Biography

Maggie Pemberton was born in 1954 in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England. She won a scholarship to Combe Bank Catholic Convent, Sevenoaks, where her GCE „O“ levels included English Language, English Literature, Latin, French, German, Art, Religious Knowledge and Biology, and studied for her „A“ levels at Foxbush School, Hildenborough, a private school owned by her father.

She then studied at the Royal College of Music in London on a Kent grant from 1973 to 1976, gaining the G.R.S.M. degree (Graduate of the Royal Schools of Music; 2:1). Her studies included organ, singing and violin as well as harmony and counterpoint, orchestration and the history of Western music. Her organ professor was Richard Popplewell; other professors included Joseph Horovitz and Philip G. Wilkinson. At the College she sang in several choirs and played the violin in symphony and chamber orchestras under conductors such as Sir David Willcocks, Richard Blackford, Norman del Mar, Vernon Handley and John Forster.

Already an established teacher, she then continued giving private music lessons in Kent (piano, guitar, recorders and singing), simultaneously working as an organ and harmonium player and choirmistress in local Catholic and Anglican churches. Her speciality was Gregorian chant (Solesmes), on which she gave a workshop. She also composed an English setting of the Mass and ran a children’s orchestra. She appeared as a singer and dancer in local productions including the musical „The Boyfriend“ and the operetta „Die Fledermaus“, and was also a madrigal singer. As a soprano soloist she was in demand for a wide range of concert work.

In England she sang in numerous choirs, covering the entire standard repertoire plus a vast body of lesser-known choral works (Josquin, Dufay, Palestrina, Victoria, Lassus, Gabrieli, Monteverdi, Schütz, Purcell, Handel, Vivaldi, Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Brahms, Mendelssohn, Dvorak, Rossini, Verdi, Bruckner, Fauré, Duruflé, Poulenc, Messiaen, Kodaly, Elgar, Parry, Stainer, Walton, Britten, Tippett etc.). Venues included St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, The Brompton Oratory, Salisbury, Bristol Cathedral, Canterbury Cathedral as well as countless other cathedrals and concert halls such as the Royal Festival Hall, The Queen Elizabeth Hall and the Crystal Palace; some choirs also took part in festivals, in radio and television broadcasts and in tours in England and abroad, notably in France (Versailles Palace, Rouens Cathedral etc).

In 1976, after receiving her degree, she participated in the Beckenham Festival in all categories as a mezzo-soprano, winning the Mona Burden Cup overall; she was further awarded the First Place Certificate („Singing – Mezzo Open“), an Honours Certificate („Singing – Mezzo“), and three Certificates of Merit („Lieder“, „Oratorio/Cantata“ and „Recital“).

She moved to Oxford in 1977 where she continued her singing, specialising in Early Music and concentrating on the exceptionally high, pure „treble“ voice required for the music of Byrd, Tallis, Taverner etc. singing the solo part of Allegri’s „Miserere“ on various occasions. She sang with „Schola Cantorum“, „Capella Nuova“, „The Clerkes of Oxenford“ and the „John Sheppard Choir“ amongst others, often as a treble soloist. She was a member of Merton Chapel Choir, singing Anglican Evensong regularly during termtime. She appeared at the Oxford Playhouse and was a member of the University Opera for two seasons, one of her major roles being Juno in Monteverdi’s „The Return of Ulysses“.

New and experimental music also featured strongly in Oxford, and she founded her own chamber music group, the Mustel Ensemble (harmonium, string quartet and piano), for which she commissioned new works but also performed Strauß waltzes and works by Brahms, Percy Grainger and others. She gave solo recitals ranging from Gershwin, Porter and Weill to Schubert and Fauré, and promoted the works of Percy Grainger. In Oxford she first worked at Taphouse’s Music Shop selling classical LPS, then in the Standing and Blanket Order Department at Blackwell’s Music Shop, which also involved the cataloguing of new music. She wrote poetry and critiques, won a poetry prize from the magazine „The Bookseller“, and contributed to the Oxford Times.

In 1982 she moved to Switzerland, where she worked as a waitress on the „Wilhelm Tell“, a moored paddle steamer. After travelling the country she did one year of practical hotel work at the „Seehotel Kastanienbaum“ in order to obtain a qualification from the „Schweizer Wirteverband“; this also included a three-week intensive training course with exams in Davos. It was followed by a short course at „Theo Blättler’s Spezialfachschule“ where she gained a Chef de Service qualification. She then moved to Bavaria in 1984, where she worked in Munich, Oberammergau, Starnberg and Tutzing before settling in Munich, where she mainly worked as a bookseller (specialising in maps and guidebooks, language books and Bavarica) and as a freelance translator („Baker and Harrison Fachübersetzungen“ as of 1991).

From 1991-1996 she trained in classical and modern ballet, flamenco, tapdance and jazz, finally working as a part-time stage dancer; she spent 3 seasons in a professional tournée ensemble, dancing various solo roles in „The Nutcracker“ and „Carmen“. She was also a castanet player. From 1993-1996 she simultaneously worked as a part-time ballet pianist for a private dance studio as well as for the „Bewegungschor“ of the Gärtnerplatztheater in Munich, and as a seamstress (tutus and stage costumes) and wardrobe mistress. As a pianist she also took part in many mixed entertainment programmes accompanying solo singers.

After that she worked as a bilingual secretary and telephonist for various patent and trademark attorneys until 2006, taking some private tuition in chemistry and partly combining this with her work at the „Sprachen und Dolmetscher Insitut“, where she was a freelance English trainer for over ten years. She works as an English trainer, translator and church musician, returning to Switzerland each summer to work for the season as a waitress.

In 2003 she took up organ-playing and singing again, and gave an organ recital in Schömberg in the Black Forest. This was followed by six joint recitals in a Munich church. Since then she has taken part in numerous small concerts accompanying various soloists and playing intermezzi. She is an occasional church choir singer and solist and a busy deputy organist, but is also active in Viennese music circles, occasionally performing songs by Robert Stolz. Bar piano music and background music also feature in her life.

Maggie has taken part in and also organised several organ tours since 2003, visiting and playing dozens of organs in the Danube area from Passau to Vienna, in southern Germany, in Sweden and in Prague. For several years she ran a PR agency, organising tours and recitals for soloists. Her articles and CD reviews in English and German have been published in various journals and books.

She is a member of „The Organ Club“, the „Oxford and District Organists‘ Association“ and the German „Gesellschaft der Orgelfreunde“. In Vienna she is associated with various organisations including „Wiener Liedkunst“ and the „Wiener Volksliedwerk“ (Honorary Membership). Swiss memberships include the paddle steamer association „Dampferfreunde Vierwaldstättersee“, the „Landschaftsschutzverband Vierwaldstättersee“, „Quarta Lingua“ (for Romansh) and the „Hotel & Gastro Union“.

In the trade union „ver.di“ she was for many years a member of the Landesfrauenrat and the Fachbereichsvorstand 13.

Her German poetry, „Gstanzln“, sonnets and short stories have won her much acclaim, and she has taken part in readings at venues such as the „Theater im Karlshof“ and the Munich Seidlvilla. In recent years she has given larger readings of her poetry in the Herz-Jesu-Kirche, Munich and in various events organised by the Münchner Kulturreferat.

Maggie brought out her first book of poetry in 2016 and also has a YouTube channel which she started during the lockdowns.

Maggie’s hobbies include languages, swimming and shooting.

CV-Übersicht – Deutsch

Geburtsdatum: 5.11.1954
Geburtsort: Tunbridge Wells, England

1966-1971: Combe Bank Convent (Privatschule)
„O“ levels: Kunst, Latein, Französisch, Deutsch, Englische Literatur, Englische Sprache, Biologie, Bibelkunde
1971-1972: Foxbush School (Privatschule)
„A“ level: Musik (weitere Fächer: Kunst, Latein)
Privatunterricht: Ballett, Ölmalerei, Orgel, Klavier, Klarinette, Blockflöten, Geige, Gesang u.a.
Preisträgerin: Kalligrafie, Poesie, Blumenarrangements u.a.

Studium (Vollzeit):
1973-1976: Konservatorium (Stipendiat): Royal College of Music, London
Akademischer Grad: G.R.S.M. (2:1)
Fächer: Orgel, Gesang, Geige; Harmonielehre, Kontrapunkt, Instrumentation, Musikgeschichte; Generalbaß, Chorleitung u.a.
Konservatoriumspraxis: Kammerorchester, Sinfonieorchester, Kammerchor, Chor, 20th Century Ensemble, Early Music Group u.a. sowie Auftritte im Rundfunk
1976: Gewinnerin der „Mona Burden Cup“ für Gesang sowie mehrere Zertifikate, Beckenham Festival

Weitere Kurse:
1982-1983: „Cours de perfectionnement“, Schweizer Wirteverband (Davos)
1983: Kurs „Chef de Service“, Theo Blättlers Spezialfachschule (Luzern)
1991-1996: Tanzausbildung – klassisches und modernes Ballett, Jazz, Step, Flamenco, Kastagnetten u.a. (München)

1976-1977, Kent: Musiklehrerin (Klavier, Gitarre, Blockflöten), Organistin, Chorleiterin, Sopransolistin, Spezialarbeit Gregorianik sowie Literatur für das Harmonium
1977-1982, Oxford: Schallplattenverkäuferin (Taphouse’s Music Shop), Buchhändlerin (Blackwell’s Music Shop), Sopransolistin, Gründerin des „Mustel Ensemble“ für Harmonium, Klavier und Streichquartet, Kritikerin, Veranstalterin; Konzertreisen nach Frankreich, Irland; Rundfunkauftritte
1982-1984, Luzern: Serviertochter (Schiffsrestaurant Wilhelm Tell, Schaufelraddampfer vor Anker), Serviertochter/Allroundkraft (Seehotel Kastanienbaum)
1984-1986, München/Starnberg/Oberammergau: Hotelfach, Verkauf (u.a. Musikalien, Schmuck, Bayerische Souvenirs)
ab 1986, München: Freiberufliche Übersetzerin (u.a. Baker & Harrison Fachübersetzungen) und Sprachlehrerin (u.a. Sprachen- und Dolmetscherinstitut, Fokus); Auftritte bei Lesungen – Gedichte und Kurzgeschichten; schriftstellerische Tätigkeiten
1986-1990: Buchhändlerin Reisebücher und Bavarica (Kaufhaus Hertie)
1990-1991: Sachbearbeiterin im Bestellbuch (Fachbuchhandlung für Recht, Wirtschaft & Steuer Schweitzer Sortiment)
1991-1996: Bühnentänzerin, Kostümschneiderin, Rezeption Ballettschule, Ballettpianistin (u.a. Gärtnerplatztheater)
1994-1998: Teilzeit-Buchhändlerin Sprachen (Kaufhaus Hertie)
ab 1998: auch Patentanwaltssekretärin/Fremdsprachenkorrespondentin in Voll- bzw. Teilzeit
ab 2003: auch Aushilfsorganistin und Chorsängerin, erneute Konzerttätigkeit als Pianistin und Orgelspielerin
ab 2005: auch PR und Künstlervermittlung, Veranstalterin
ab 2009: Sprachtrainerin auch bei InComTra und weiteren Sprachschulen
ab 2010: auch Teilzeit-Drogerieverkäuferin
2012-2014 Teilzeit-Bankettdienst (Personalleasing)
2011: u.a. Sommersaison-Servicefachkraft im Restaurant Neuhof, Kriens und Gasthaus Obermatt, Vierwaldstättersee L
2012: u.a. Sommersaison-Servicefachkraft im ehem. Landhaus, Giswil OW und Hotel Alpenblick, Tenna GR
2013: u.a. Sommersaison-Servicefachkraft im Hotel Rössli, Versam und Hotel Alpenblick, Tenna GR
2014: u.a. Sommersaison-Servicefachkraft im Hotel Bellevue, Iseltwald BE
2015: u.a. Sommersaison-Servicefachkraft im Restaurant Aux Trois Amis Ligerz, Bielersee und Hotel Engstlenalp BE
2016: u.a. Sommersaison-Servicefachkraft im Grand Cafe Restaurant Schuh, Interlaken BE
2017: u.a. Sommersaison-Servicefachkraft im Hotel Hirschen, Matten BE und Hotel Brünig Kulm
2019: u.a. Sommersiason-Servicefachkraft im Berghotel Alpenblick, Tenna GR
ab 2021: weitere Tätigkeiten u.a. im Gastgewerbe

Englisch und Deutsch in Wort und Schrift; Sursilvan, Afrikaans und Französisch (Grundkenntnisse); weitere Sprachen ansatzweise

Schweden, Prag und Tschechische Republik, Wien und Österreich, Süddeutschland, Zentralschweiz; Sachsen (Leipzig, Dresden usw., nur Organisation)
Weitere Reisen:
Ungarn, Italien, Frankreich, Holland, Belgien, Polen, Griechenland, Türkei, USA u.a.

England: The Organ Club; Oxford and District Organists’ Association
Schweiz: Dampferfreunde Vierwaldstättersee; Hotel&Gastro Union; Quarta Lingua; Landschaftsschutzverband Vierwaldstättersee
Deutschland: Gesellschaft der Orgelfreunde; Gewerkschaft ver.di (u.a. ehemals im Landesfrauenrat)
Österreich: Wienerliedkunst; Wiener Volksliedwerk (Ehrenmitglied)